A Darkly Restrained Elegance Of Storytelling

the_hole_the_fox_did_makeTHE HOLE THE FOX DID MAKE

Emily Carroll

The Hole the fox did make is an elegant, beautiful and restrained ghostly tale presented as a drawn story. Saying too much will give away too much, and in any instance, Hole the fox did make is short enough that you can and should just go ahead and read it right away.

If you like that, the author, Emily Carroll has several other charming, scary, radiant stories at her site. The art style is strongly modern with what might almost be a pop art / literary vibe to it. In terms of art, I’m reminded of something partway between You’re All Just Jealous of my Jetpack and Hark, a Vagrant, but with a clear strong storyteller’s voice rather than one-off humorous jibes.

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