Australian Short Fiction & Poetry Markets


  • [AV] Audiovisual works (for online publication)
  • [CRIM] Crime fiction
  • [EROS] Erotica
  • [ESS] Essays and non-fiction articles
  • [F] Fantasy
  • [GEN] Open to genre work (i.e. romance, crime, SFF etc)
  • [H] Horror
  • [LIT] Literary fiction
  • [MEM] Memoir
  • [POET] Poetry
  • [ROM] Romance
  • [SF] Science fiction
  • [TRAV] Travel writing


ASIM (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine) [print & pdf] – every two months – accepts speculative fiction and supernatural horror; prefers light tone; prefers family friendly content; accepts speculative poetry; accepts articles – accepts < 10,000 words from authors outside Australian or New Zealand and <20,000 words if living in Australia or New Zealand – pays A$1.24 per word for prose with minimum A$20 payment; $10 for flash fiction (<1000 words); $10 per poem; no payment for articles – submission: email only – Submission Guidelines and What We Want [SF] [F] [H] [POET] [ESS] Notes: Prefers light hearted content. See What We Want for details.

Aurealis [online only] – monthly – accepts short fiction in speculative fiction genre – 2000 to 5000 words – pays $20-$60 per 1000 words ‘ depending on level of government grants ‘ – submission: email only – Submission Guidelines [SF] [F] [H] Notes: No poetry or novel extracts. Moved from print to online only in 2011.

Escape Publishing [ebook & print] – irregular traditional publication cycle – accepts romance and erotica – any submission > 5000 words although short stories are classified as 5000 to 10,000 words – pays royalties (no advances or one-off payments) – submission: online form only – Submission Guidelines [ROM] [EROS] Notes: Escape Publishing is a division of Harlequin.

Etchings [print] – irregular but mostly twice annual – accepts ‘ all styles of literary fiction, poetry, personal & creative essays, photography, and art ‘ – up to 5000 words – pays A$80 for longer pieces and A$35 for poems up to 2 pages – submission: hard-copy subs only unless outside Australia – Submission Guidelines [LIT] [POET] [ESS]

Going Down Swinging [print & online] – irregular print schedule but at least once per year – accepts short fiction, poetry, essays, creative non-fiction; audio and video files are accepted for online publication – no upper word limit stated – pays token amount but rates vary depending on funding – submission: email – Submission Guidelines [LIT] [POET] [ESS] [AV] Note: Going Down Swinging has specific guidelines around how many pieces can be submitted. Check for when submission windows are open. States an interest in receiving more essays and creative non-fiction.

Meanjin [print & online] – quarterly – accepts ‘ fiction, essays, poetry, memoir, travel writing, interviews, photography ‘ – no upper word limit stated – pays A20c per word for printed prose; A$50 per page of print poetry; online only payments are negotiated with author – submission: hard-copy subs only for poetry; all other subs via online form – Submission Guidelines [LIT] [POET] [ESS] [MEM] [TRAV] Note: Meanjin currently charges a A$2 submission fee for essays, fiction, memoir and other prose.

Overland [print & online] – quarterly – accepts stories, poetry and articles for print edition and articles for weekly online publication – no upper word limit stated – pays A$400 for print articles and A$60 for online articles; minimum A$400 for print stories; minimum A$100 for print poetry – submission: online form only – Submission Guidelines [LIT] [POET] [ESS] Note: Overland is a left-leaning political magazine. Read some online material to get a feel for the sort of writing printed.

Sleepers Almanac [print, ebook & app] – annual – accepts stories and poetry but requirements may vary so check submission guidelines – no upper word limit stated – no payment guidelines available – submission: email only – Submission Guidelines [LIT] [POET] Note: To check submission windows sign up to the Sleepers mailing list

Spineless Wonders [print & electronic] – irregular traditional publication cycle – accepts stories, poetry and flash fiction: ‘ contemporary realist, black comedy, steam punk, historical, literary, romance, psychological, mystery, crime, futurist, speculative and genres yet to be labelled ‘ – word limit varies but appears to be typically not over 10,000 words – payment varies – submission: hardcopy only – Submission Guidelines [LIT] [POET] [GEN] Note: Check for submission windows. Spineless Wonders also runs competitions and produces print books.


 You can email any updated information about a market or ask for a market to be added to the listing at

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