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Second Floor: Ladies Cocktail Frocks And Model Gowns

The Women in Black Book Cover The Women in Black
Madeleine St John
Text Classics

It took me a long time to stop misreading the title of this novel as The Woman in Black. I think it’s because my to-be-read pile also contains Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White.* This missing plural meant that the introduction of a swathe of women in black in the early chapters left me a little bewildered but I quickly became so immersed in this deftly written tale I forgot the title and just went with the story. Continue reading

The Ways Of The Australian Heart

Cate Kenndey, Editor
Inkerman and Blunt, RRP $28.99
October 2014



Happy Valentine’s Day MRB Readers.

(Or just Happy Saturday if the previous phrase has raised your hackles, please relax, and know that the following review will not bring in any additional mentions of the love heart and rose day but it is a review of short stories about love so best be prepared for at least some mentions of Eros.)

Continue reading

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      AUSTRALIAN FOLKLORE Bill Beatty (2007) ISBN 9781921276057 One of the things that sometimes gathers discussion among them who like imaginative fiction is why is it that some places in the world, notably Europe and the Americas are acceptable settings for otherwordly, fantastical or magic realist stories whereas there is a relative dearth of such … Continue reading