Lucy Sussex: Q&A

blockbusterCongratulations to Lucy Sussex for winning the History Publication Award of the Victorian Community History Awards for her new book Blockbuster, Fergus Hume and the Mystery of the Hansom Cab. Her book explores the history surrounding the world’s first true best-selling crime novel which was written and published here in Australia in the late 1800s. I have just interviewed Lucy about Blockbuster, and the award is well deserved.

Lucy’s book is a fascinating read that explores the people, the intrigues and the growing pains of the Australasian region at the turn of the twentieth century, and the tumultuous birth of the mystery novel as we know it today. It’s a damn good read and you will look at Melbourne though fresh eyes, which ironically will tint Melbourne with colourful shades of the past.

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Primal Emotions, Desires & Dreams

the_strangerTHE STRANGER

Harlan Coben (Hachette 2015; ISBN 9781409144649)

Harlan Coben’s book, The Stranger, drops us into the world of a middle class family whose biggest priority is a sports scholarship for their kids. The reader soon discovers that this perfect world of soccer moms and white picket fences is a veneer, when the Stranger reveals a secret to Adam, the main character of the story.

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Murder Most Musically Foul



Kerry Greenwood  ISBN978-1-74237-956-2

It’s murder most musically foul in Kerry Greenwood’s latest novel, Murder and Mendelssohn. Phryne Fisher, the stylish private detective with nerves of steel, keeps her trusty pearl-handled pistol strapped to her silk garter as she investigates not one but two villains plotting to harm those she holds dear.

As with all twenty books in this series, it is the year 1929. Whilst times are changing, the world is still conservative; people know their place and a respectable reputation is everything. Fortunately the rich, titled and beautiful Phryne Fisher makes her own rules, and society gracefully acquiesces to her will whether she is dancing in her undergarments, piloting an aeroplane or apprehending villains. Continue reading