Blue Oyster Cult


Icke, David (Bridge of Love Publications, 1999; ISBN 0-9526147-6-6)

David Icke believes in the literal truth of the postulate that the rest of us accept only as a metaphor: that the creatures who rule our planet belong to a race of blood-drinking lizardmen.

In 1991, Icke began to wear only the colour turquoise.

In 1999, Indigo Books in Canada removed Icke’s ravings from their shelves after protests from the Canadian affiliate of the World Jewish Congress.

By a coincidence, Indigo Adult Products in Australia paint their stores solid turquoise. Not indigo. Turquoise. In many of us, this arouses the same feeling of linguistic foul play as naming a movie sequel The Last Seduction 2 or referring to someone as, “Dennis, the man with no name”. But a friend to whom I mentioned it could see nothing noteworthy in the mismatch. To her, just naming your business after a colour entails no commitment to painting its premises that colour. I can’t decide which one of us sounds crazier.

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