50 Proverbs

The following is a short list of 50 English proverbs culled from several online sources. I simply took those that sparked an interest, or that those that I’ve never heard in quite this phrasing, or those that caused a moment of thoughtful agreement. I’ve mostly excluded sayings from Shakespeare as he does make up a surprising volume of English language wordage. Continue reading

One Million Words

book_logoI recently worked out that I must have reached the one million words of fiction written mark sometime in the last year or so. Adding it up, there’s a couple early 100k novels (unpublished), a 400k trilogy (unpublished), about 100k worth of short stories (some published, some not), another 120k novel (unpublished, but I’m planning to shop this one around to agents and publishers), about 80k worth of novellas (unpublished) and another 100k novel (just recently finished). Continue reading

Brought to you by The Provisional Government [pt.2]



The Wisdom Of Neil

book_logoNeil Gaiman’s A Writer’s Prayer dates right back to 2008 but things in the world move swiftly, especially in today’s internet of constant churn. I hadn’t listened to the poem (or read it) in a long while and was reminded of it today. I was reminded that if you write and have not read the poem then you should do so. Continue reading

Brought to you by The Provisional Government [pt.1]



The State Of The MRB #1

logo_post_smallBecause we’re setting up a new online (and eventually print) magazine here, I thought some people might be interested in some stats on how things are going. Our first post was on Feb 5 2014. We currently have seven reviewers and essayists contributing pieces and so far at least, we’ve managed to post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as per the initial plan. The posts gradually increase to daily and eventually maybe even two or three posts on some or all days (very far down the track).

Continue reading

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