Snatch A Little Dream


DreamsnatcherAbi Elphinstone

ISBN: 9781471122682

Published 1st March 2015, Simon & Schuster

As far as I’ve been able to determine (i.e. in the 2 minutes I spent searching on Google Scholar before my suspicions were vaguely confirmed and I got bored) cats don’t really sweat. I mean, they sweat but the majority of their sweat glands are in their paws. On those cute little squooshy pink jelly beans. So, if it’s really hot or if you and your cat have been doing a bit of cardio, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll reach down and feel the sweaty fur on the back of your cat, wild or domestic. And if you do, it’s probably a good idea to make your way to a vet quick smart.

Putting aside my obsession with questioning completely irrelevant facts, Abi Elphinstone’s debut, The Dreamsnatcher, is the story of Moll Pecksniff. Moll is a little Romany girl with a lot of chutzpah. She is plagued by sleep-walk inducing, drummy, rattly, cursey business, finding herself waking up in the middle of the forest without knowing how she got there. She is lured by the Dreamsnatcher but luckily for Moll, Gryff, a wild cat, has got her back all the way.

Like most good protagonists, Moll’s origins and life purpose are a little bit mysterious and a little bit orphany. Coincidentally, this is just like Alfie, a little Romany boy with a lot of chutzpah from Skull’s camp across the river. Can Moll trust Alfie? And why does Skull want to capture Moll and Gryff so badly anyway?

The Dreamsnatcher is packed full of creepy magic, bones and an awful lot of running. It is at times perhaps a little too packed, obscuring the story beneath. But if you enjoy creepy magic, bones and an awful lot of running – this could be the book for you.

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Jamie Ashbird was born from an egg on a mountain top. At least that's what she keeps telling people. In fact she was born, quite boringly, from a uterus and was raised in Melbourne. It is here, in her native habitat, that she roams about watching the world go by and quietly judging people. She is also a writer... ahem, apologies, typo... she is almost a writer but wastes too much of her time watching other people play video games on YouTube.
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  1. How do you find time to go to work?

  2. Dimitra Stathopoulos

    I should point out that I’m reviewing the YA. It’s short with large font. Readable in a couple of days worth of public transport. I’m really not a very fast reader. I don’t think. Certainly it seems other people read far more than I do.

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