Hound of Heaven


Thompson, Francis (Branden Pub Co; 2011, ISBN 9780828314404)

Mr. Gangjeon operates Lairds Pharmacy on Centre Road in Clayton. Three doors up, a rival pharmacy ply their trade at number 1310.

Mr. Gangjeon’s rival participates in a methadone maintenance program. Mr. Gangjeon does not. On methadone day, his rival often closes early without giving warning. By this simple expedient, they bring a terrible weapon to bear against him.

Imagine yourself as a patient in a methadone maintenance program. You’ve made it through to methadone day at last. Your joints ache. Your hands tremble. Thoughts of suicide come unbidden into your mind. You race down the road to Clayton with The Hound of Heaven braying at your heels. As you swing into the parking lot, the clock shows half past four. Plenty of time. But wait; why have they barred the door? Why have they brought in the Benadryl signboard? Why have they taken down the Rhinocort rhinoceros? They’ve shut! Getting your methadone has become the lone thing that matters and the people who keep it have shut. Damnation! Mafeesh! Ah but wait. Look: another pharmacy – and it looks open.

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