Special jellies


Dir. Robert Wise Perf. Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal. Twentieth Century Fox 1951 Film

Dir. Scott Derrickson Perf. Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly. Twentieth Century Fox 2008 Film

Out of everything they might’ve given us, the aliens from The Day the Earth Stood Still decide to bestow the revelation that we’ve put ourselves on the way to destruction.

We know that!

Did you guys not at least check out our television broadcasts before you flew here? We don’t have the problem that we don’t know. We have the problem that we live on a plummeting aeroplane whose pilot bailed out forty years ago.

Couldn’t you have brought something useful to help fix it instead? Show us how to make free energy from special jellies. Or how to schlep our food about without burning fuel.

What sort of species neutralizes the electrical devices across a whole planet just to deliver this truism?

By the way, what kind of peaceful purpose do you use that neutralizer for back home?

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