MAD MAX 2mmtwo

Dir. George Miller Perf. Mel Gibson and Bruce Spence. Kennedy Miller Entertainment 1981 Film

Tim reminds you of The Humungus from Mad Max 2. Of a barbarian born in the last days who hurtles through life in a dune buggy wearing a mixture of bondage gear and sports padding. Of a man who has hooked a public address system up to his dune buggy so he can proclaim himself to the people of the refinery.

He doesn’t bend. Either you enjoy his company or you don’t; he didn’t come here to accommodate you.

At a party, you’ll find Tim flirting with a woman on the couch. His T-shirt will have ridden up over his potbelly, but he will not pull it back down. He sits there, in a room of some thirty people, flirting, with a T-shirt rolled up above his potbelly. One cannot help but find this inspiring. He does not care.

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