Tony Vu

TOP GUN tgun
Dir. Tony Scott Perf. Tom Cruise and Tim Robbins. Paramount Pictures, 1986 Film.
At Yolande’s insistence, a hairdresser shaved my beard in 2009. This shows what I looked like beforehand:



Tony Vu and his mother cut hair at his house on Clayton road. Although not listed in the phone book, a makeshift sign with their prices next to a poster of Kelly McGillis from the movie Top Gun marks Tony Vu as a player in Clayton‘s vibrant tonsorial market. Before turning to his present vocation, Tony operated a business in the same house called Newlands Migration Legal Services. He’d given it up two months earlier because his six-year-old son kept intruding upon meetings with the clients.
I attended Tony with a picture of Ambrose Everett Burnside, the man from whom the encyclopaedia tells me we get the expression ‘sideburns’. I lifted this picture from

Tony crafted my ZZ Top beard into a pair of conjoined, nineteenth-century mutton chops. If anything, the results surpassed my hopes:

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