We’d like to present you to the Alonzo Church


I wrote this for piano, panpipes, cor anglais and a contrabass balalaika. I also put in a whole lot of clanging, jangling things, which Sibelius calls bongos, congas, castanets, timpani, a tam-tam and a drum kit.

Throughout, the primary accent falls on the twentieth demisemiquaver of each measure.

In the introduction and three long sections, which I think of as the verses, a secondary accent falls on the third quaver of each measure. In the two shorter sections, which I think of as the choruses, the secondary accent moves to the fifth quaver of each measure.

Every six or twelve measures, the tune instruments repeat a disjointed riff that catapults through the chords: flat-third diminished, third diminished, dominant seventh augmented, sharp-fourth minor, flat-third minor, sixth diminished, third diminished, tonic, followed by a single crochet (not-chord) dominant seventh.

alonzochurchredhouse_0001 alonzochurchredhouse_0002 alonzochurchredhouse_0003 alonzochurchredhouse_0004 alonzochurchredhouse_0005 alonzochurchredhouse_0006 alonzochurchredhouse_0007 alonzochurchredhouse_0008 alonzochurchredhouse_0009 alonzochurchredhouse_0010 alonzochurchredhouse_0011 alonzochurchredhouse_0012 alonzochurchredhouse_0013 alonzochurchredhouse_0014 alonzochurchredhouse_0015 alonzochurchredhouse_0016 alonzochurchredhouse_0017 alonzochurchredhouse_0018 alonzochurchredhouse_0019 alonzochurchredhouse_0020 alonzochurchredhouse_0021 alonzochurchredhouse_0022 alonzochurchredhouse_0023 alonzochurchredhouse_0024 alonzochurchredhouse_0025 alonzochurchredhouse_0026 alonzochurchredhouse_0027 alonzochurchredhouse_0028 alonzochurchredhouse_0029 alonzochurchredhouse_0030 alonzochurchredhouse_0031 alonzochurchredhouse_0032 alonzochurchredhouse_0033 alonzochurchredhouse_0034 alonzochurchredhouse_0035 alonzochurchredhouse_0036 alonzochurchredhouse_0037 alonzochurchredhouse_0038 alonzochurchredhouse_0039 alonzochurchredhouse_0040 alonzochurchredhouse_0041 alonzochurchredhouse_0042 alonzochurchredhouse_0043 alonzochurchredhouse_0044 alonzochurchredhouse_0045 alonzochurchredhouse_0046 alonzochurchredhouse_0047 alonzochurchredhouse_0048 alonzochurchredhouse_0049 alonzochurchredhouse_0050 alonzochurchredhouse_0051

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