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Just a quick announcement from us at The Melbourne Review of Books. In the first stage of our online launch we kept  commenting switched off on all posts. We’ve now opened commenting on new posts. You will need to enter your name and email address to leave a comment and we reserve the right to delete comments that are deemed to be intentionally offensive or inappropriate.

Where a comment may cause offence but we feel the comment has been made in good faith we may flag it as having the potential to cause offence or in extreme cases we may resort to ‘disemvoweling’ where the vowels are removed but the comment is left in place so that people can read the comment if they really wish to.


If you wish to make a more substantive comment on an article or engage in general discussion, please send an email to and mark the topic as LETTER. We will publish letters in a semi-regular fashion under a letters post with editorial responses where appropriate.

Thanks and regards,

Chris Johnstone on behalf of The Melbourne Review of Books team

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Christopher Johnstone lives in Melbourne
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