Justin Bieber First Step 2 Forever: My Story


Bieber, Justin (Harper Collins, 2010  ISBN: 978-0-00-742692-8)bieber

I paid a whole $4 for this little gem in an op shop in Bentleigh. I scored such a bargain. This book is full of so much good advice, you only have to open it at a random page and read out the words – the truth shines forth for all to see.

“I’m not a fighter by nature, but, if I believe in something, I stand up for it.” I mean, can you argue with that?

I took this book to our stand up team meeting the other day (I work in information technology at a financial services company).  I thought everyone really needed to hear some of Justin’s words of Wisdom instead of my update on the things I’d been working on.  “My team is my family and they all deserve their time to shine too,” I told them. Words to live by.

My manager told me to stop talking now, and to put the book away because “There is something wrong with you.”

Affronted, I opened the book for a bit of guidance and then replied in Justin’s own words “The successful journey starts with the first step.”

I have not put the book away for long, however. I think the wisdom deserves to come out and shine through. Very important messages are read from it to co-workers at regular intervals.

“Nothing great ever came that easy.”

Also as well as owning this awesome book I’m the happy owner of JustinBieberDoll, who does tend to go everywhere with me. JustinBieberdoll even has his own blog, The Adventures of JustinBieberDoll, where he chats in his very particular away about the cool things he gets to do in this really excellent state of Victoria.

“You have to let yourself do stuff you’re not good at.”


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