Never A Dull Or Predictable Moment

the_firebird_mysteryTHE FIREBIRD MYSTERY

Darrell Pitt ISBN: 9781922147752

I must first declare an interest. I too am a steampunk writer, living in Brunswick and also published by Text (we also have the same shirt size).

The Firebird Mystery is a fast paced romp through an alternative steampunk England, set between the wars – think The 39Steps with teenagers and robots. We met orphaned circus acrobat, Jack Mason, and try to keep up with him as he and his companions, Scarlet and Mr Doyle, pursue a dastardly criminal conspiracy through chapters of ever increasing stakes. I could almost hear the orchestra playing the ‘chase’ score from the Saturday morning adventure series as I read.

I am in a quandary about introducing some of the characters and events for fear of giving too much away so here is a summary of some of the things you will meet on this adventure. Airships (of course), Darwinian monstrosities, unbelievably tall towers, giant iron men, Nazis and ice-encased corpses, not necessarily in that order.

The Firebird Mystery  has everything to recommend itself – a boys own adventure that girls will enjoy too, with never a dull or predictable moment, twists and turns that both satisfy and enthral until you arrive tired and… but, that would be telling… at the end.

Tim Hehir is the author of YA novel, Julius and the Watchmaker. He also writes short stories and plays.

About Tim Hehir

Tim Hehir writes novels, short stories and plays. His YA novel Julius and the Watchmaker is published by Text Publishing.
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  1. I love the flying top hat on the cover. Why is it called ‘The Firebird Mystery’?

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