Trust and Friendship, Honesty and Kindness


Alice Hoffman

Simon & Schuster (Mar 2015; ISBN 9781471124211)

In the outskirts of the idyllic town of Sidwell lives a lonely girl named Twig. She and her mother have a secret. A secret which makes them virtual recluses on their apple orchard. Everything changes though, when a family moves into the old witch’s house nearby. The possibility of friendship arises, so does the chance to bring the secret to an end. But there will be trials to navigate before the prize is won.

This is a delightful story. Hoffman is a skilled writer who spins an interesting and dramatic tale about the better aspects of human nature. It is a story of trust and friendship, honesty and kindness.

About Tim Hehir

Tim Hehir writes novels, short stories and plays. His YA novel Julius and the Watchmaker is published by Text Publishing.
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  1. I loved Alice Hoffman’s Stravaganza series of books. Apparently there are some I’ve not yet read. If you’ve not read them, Tim, I recommend them!

  2. It appears to have 3.96 stars at Goodreads

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